Fractal Design Core 1500 Case Review

Packaging is also minimalist with the Fractal Design Core 1500 weighing in at just a mere small dog weight of 14 pound this little case is light weight even fully packaged. But do not let the weight fool you into thinking this case is not well packaged or well made. The packaging is thick and sturdy and the plastic is rugged for any climate it finds during harsh transport. They could probably even survive the “Postman Gone Postal” delivery of some of our well meaning but irritated drivers.

Below we see the the front of the box in its small light form with black on cardboard lettering to save costs of the entire unit as well. The front has a large logo of the Fractal Design Log and the name of the case. The bottom has the web address and the very familiar snowflake design that has grace most all of the Fractal Design line of products. The box is the corrugated type double walled cardboard that is exceedingly strong and very lightweight for outer protection.

Box Front Fractal

The two sides are very informative with convenient hand holds to carry this lightweight burden and the boxing is done in the tight wrap around style of packaging which is stronger and more secure. The cases part number is located on the side along with the UPC and the EAN codes along with the Fractal Designs inventory labeling and safety and handling diagrams on the bottom of each side. On the other side is the common specifications and the cooling options and details you might need if you encounter this case in a brick and mortar retail establishment.

Box Sides Fractal

Seeing the back of the box there is the opened area of the case drawn out in detail with numbered areas indicating the features of the Fractal Design Core 1500. The eight main features of the case is in 4 different primary languages of the top selling areas of the case but that is just my opinion here. The front and the back both share the Factory name, Computer case type and the snowflake logo with a web address for quick phone referencing online while buying the case and hopefully accessing this review.

Box Back Fractal

As seen in the picture below the case is packaged backside down and front up with the bottom and top to the sides. This gives the case better crate loading for transport to distribution centers and allows for the best protection of the product during its voyage.

Open Box Case

The Styrofoam seals the bottom and top of the case and is very thick and higher grade Styrofoam than cases that come in this price range. The foam is built to buckle to excess middle fatigue by its mid portion design to handle stress in the most critical area of the box. This allows for the Styrofoam to take the impact and give while saving the inner case from damage during shipping. Smart packaging for this price line as well.

Styro Surround Case

The LDPE 4 Plastic that covers the Fractal Design Core 1500 is designed to protect the case from humidity and chemical damages is very high tensile grade and very lightweight as well. This type of wrapping is common on all Fractal Design cases and money is saved by the integration of internal parts and designs, leaving the customer with a higher quality of product no matter what price point of the case is. This said we find that Fractal Design knows how to cut corners on manufacturing without making ultra cheap products.

Plastic Covered Case

Overall I have to give the Fractal Design Core 1500 our highest BEST rating for packaging since the people of Fractal Design makes the packaging light weight for lower freight costs and still very high quality packing materials that will allow the case to make it to the buyer’s doorstep in one piece no matter the weather or the abuse that it may have had to endure during its travels to its destination.

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