Fractal Design Define 7 Case Review

Fractal Design’s Define series of cases is almost iconic at this point. They really have set the standard in terms of build quality and features in a computer case. With the introduction of the Define 7 Fractal Design will have their most comprehensive iteration of the Define series which is built on Fractal’s core values of build quality, silent operation, and versatility with a modern minimalistic aesthetic. The new Define 7 will be able to fit the largest hardware including motherboards up to E-ATX, tons of storage (up to 14 HDDs), room for extensive cooling (420 mm radiator and up to 9 fans), and of course that “Define” style we all know and love. After reviewing many Define cases in the past I was actually surprised at how much is new with this case. It is good to see that Fractal is not just adding 1 or two things and calling it a new case. Let’s jump in and see what this case is all about!

Special thanks to Fractal Design for providing us with the Define 7 Case to review.


define7 specs 1
define7 specs 2


The Define 7 comes in your typical case box. It has a picture of the case on the front and some of the main features are listed. Flipping over to the back there is an exploded view of the case showing the various parts.

Fractal Design Define 7 Case Fractal Design Define 7 Case

Opening the box up we can see that the case is nicely protected by two large pieces of styrofoam and the case is wrapped in plastic as well. The side panel window also has a film on it to protect it from scratches.

Fractal Design Define 7 Case Fractal Design Define 7 Case

Also inside the box you’ll find a very large box of accessories. When you first open it you’ll find your user’s guide and the ventilated top panel (more on that in a bit). Under that you’ll find your mounting hardware and four hard drive trays, all of which are metal of course.

Fractal Design Define 7 Case Fractal Design Define 7 Case

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