Fractal Design Newton R3 600W Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts
The Newton is the first power supply we have taken a look at from Fractal Design and I have to say I am very impressed.  With the Newton Fractal Design wants you to know you are receiving a premium product and from unboxing to installation the power supply gives you that feeling.

When it comes down to performance the Newton R3 600W did great.  Voltage regulation on both the 12V and 5V rails was under 1% and the 3.3v rail was just over 1%.  That means you are going to have very stable power delivery to your components.  Also this power supply is 80PLUS Platinum certified so you are going to have 92% efficiency at 50% load and 89% efficiency at 100% load.

Since this power supply is semi-modular you are only going to use the cables you need.  This means less cables laying around obstructing airflow inside of your case.  The flat cabling design on the modular cables makes them very easy to route and mount in permanent locations.  The cables comes in a very nice cable kit.  This kit can be rolled up and easily stored away or put in your LAN bag.  When you open the cable kit up all of the cables are in labeled spots, which even tell you the length of the power supply.  These small details are things I really like about this power supply!

Power supply designs are really nothing to write home about, but I really like the Fractal Design logo on the side of the unit and the embossed snowflake on the top.  If you happen to have a case that shows your power supply I would definitely want to show this power supply off!  I also like how quiet this power supply is.  Remember the fan is semi-passive, which means it only turns on when the power supply reaches a certain temperature.

Right now it seems these power supplies are out of stock everywhere, but the 600W has a MSRP of $139, the 800W is $189 and the 1000W is $209.  Fractal Design also backs each unit with a 5 year warranty.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Fractal Design Newton R3 600W Power Supply a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Good performance
– Semi modular
– 80PLUS Platinum certified
– Attention to detail in packaging & design
– 5 year warranty

– Availability

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