Free Websites in Minutes – Mobirise Website Builder Software

Website builders and CMS

The design and the building of websites in this present age have reached an unprecedented level in terms of demands all over the world. This is because more people see the relevance of owning a website more than ever before, and this has consequently led to the proliferation of web designers. In order to make work easy for designers, many software applications have been developed, which has made web design easy and accessible.

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Generally speaking, there are two major pathways to building a website. You can either choose to make use of a tool such as Mobirise Website Builder Software (Which we would be discussing) or you can make use of what is called the Content management system (CMS) examples of these are WordPress and drupal.

What is the Mobirise website builder software?

Mobirise is one of the many offline based applications for building websites, it is based on Bootstrap 4 or Google Amp. It is freely accessible to both commercial and private users. It could be used on either Windows or MAC operating systems.

Mobirise Themes

Websites usually have themes, this theme dictates the outlook of a website. It is all about the colour choice, and styles of the interface of a website. Every tool or application used in building a website offers numerous themes to shape the outlook of the website.

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Mobirise like every other tool provides themes for website development. It has a wide variety of themes for building websites. In total Mobirise Webpage Maker has over 100 themes.

These themes can be accessed on the interface by clicking “Create new site”. By clicking on that option, you can choose from a number of themes available on it.

Generally speaking, Mobirise themes are built on Google Amp (that is Amp themes) or Bootstrap (Bootstrap themes)

Mobirise extension

Mobirise extensions are additional tools for website building that allows pages and features to be added on a website. Examples of Mobirise extensions:

Form builder: Creates pages that receive forms

PWA builder: Builds websites that supports offline pages for example the Facebook offline page

Lazy load:  Boosts the response time of a website.

Other extensions include Wow slider, Pop builder etc.

How to use Mobirise Website Builder Software

Using Mobirise for website building is easy and straightforward. You would need to firstly download and install from the Mobirise Website Builder Software, after the download, you install it on your PC then you can now make use of it for offline design of your website.

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After installation, open the app and proceed to select “Create a new site” on the interface, after you have done this,

Select a Mobirise theme from themes available to your screen after clicking “create a new site”

Add elements to it, like headers, menu, and the likes by using the drag and drop method

Add some modifications to your text especially size and fonts. You should also add more blocks as you expand the pages.

With all this, you are done and then you can now publish it on the web after you might have finished all of the necessary designs you want to carry out.

You should know that Mobirise offers free hosting services, and so have the offline design, publishing it on the web becomes easy.

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And also making use of Mobirise extensions and premium themes would enhance the quality of your website.


Using it to build websites is faster and would help to cut down the development time for building a website.

It provides web hosting services, and so it means that users would not need to search or look for hosting.

Mobirise has a user-friendly interface and so any novice can from the scratch make use of it to build websites.

Mobirise Website Builder Software is a free software tool for use by both commercial and private organizations and so it could help you build high-quality websites for personal use and commercial purpose.

In conclusion

Mobirise is a very good software for building websites, what makes Mobirise a great tool for website building is that it does not require the knowledge of coding.

And so if you’re a non-techy guy or you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of website design and you wish to build a quality website for your personal use or for a client’s use then you should go for Mobirise Website Builder Software.