FSP NB Q90 Notebook Adapter Review

I had planned to use the NB Q90 with my Lenovo IdeaPad U260, since it uses a smaller 60W power adapter.  None of the interchangeable heads fit this laptop.  So I moved on to the Lenovo IdeaPad Y570, none of the heads fit again.  I started to get frustrated and I thought to myself both of these laptops came out in 2011 what gives.  So maybe this adapter does not work with Lenovo IdeaPad’s specifically? I could not prove this because I only had 2 on hand.  I finally went into my closet and got my old Dell XPS M1210 out and luckily one of the head did fit and it started charging the battery right up.

FSP NB Q90 Notebook Adapter

One thing I noticed right off the bat was that the cord that actually connects to your laptop is very short.  This may be good for traveling and people who do not need a long cable, but this does mean the power adapter needs to sit on the desk with you at all times.  Also most power adapters we see have 2 long cables on each side giving you some distance.  Most people take this for granted, but when you are at a coffee show and there are not many power outlets this is something you need to think about.  Also I noticed the power adapter would get very hot while charging the laptop, I was actually surprised at how hot it would get.

Final Thoughts
I am a huge fan of universal power adapters, mainly because I usually carrying around 2 different laptops with me and the fact that I only need one adapter is great.  This adapter did have a lot going for it, it does come in 3 different colors (black, white, pink), it is stylish, it is very small and out of the way and it is likely more efficient than your normal power adapter.

The thing that really frustrated me about the NB Q90 was that it did not work on two of the laptops that I have.  I could understand one, but two?  Normally would would expect a universal notebook adapter to work on almost every laptop out there, with maybe a few exceptions, but only working on 1 out of the 3 that I have here is not good.  FSP does have a page setup where you can see if your laptop if compatible with the NB Q90, so I would check that first before you think about purchasing it.  The heat issue is also something you may want to keep in mind.  The adapter was very hot when charging my laptop.  Finally the cable is really not all that long on when compared to other adapters, especially since the cable that connects to your laptop is about 2 inches long.  I had hoped FSP would have compensated and made the cable that connects to power longer, but it is the default length.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the FSP NB Q90 Notebook Adapter a 6 out of 10 score.

rating6 10 small

– Available in 3 colors
– Sleek design

– Only fit 1 out of 3 laptops we had on hand
– Cable that connects to the laptop is very short
– Gets very hot when in operation

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