GALAX Announces RTX 4060 Ti Metal Master Classic Edition OC Graphics Card

GALAX has just announced the debut of its latest graphics card, the RTX 4060 Ti Metal Master Classic Edition OC. Constructed with a die-cast all-aluminum alloy body, it boasts a triple-fan cooling system. Each of its three 92mm fans employs an 11-blade static design, enhancing airflow and cooling performance.

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The cooling system, known as the Hanguangxing system, features a fully metallic structure housing six nickel-plated heat pipes strategically placed to efficiently dissipate heat from key components such as the GPU core and video memory. Moreover, the card incorporates a unique tail-end hollow design to enhance thermal regulation by promoting improved air circulation.

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Regarding power, the RTX 4060 Ti Metal Master Classic Edition OC integrates a 6+1 phase power supply system and utilizes an 8-layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB), guaranteeing strong power distribution and system reliability. GALAX provides a three-year warranty for this graphics card, underscoring their dedication to product dependability and customer assurance. Initially priced around $474 USD (converted from 3,299 yuan), this model is tailored for high-performance computing and gaming.

Source: ITHome