Friday, September 21, 2018
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Galaxy GTX 780 Hall of Fame Edition Stripped Naked

When companies release video cards they are all pretty much the same and it is hard for AiB partners to make their card stand out. The guys over at ChinaDIY have all of the details and photos of a new card that definitely stands out. It is the Galaxy GTX 780 Hall of Fame Edition.

Galaxy GTX 780 Hall of Fame Edition

The photos show the card stripped down, not showing it installed with heatsink and fans. This allows you to see all of the components up close. These include a 10-phase power design, 12 Tantalum capacitors and 12 low-profile ERS solid capacitors. Oh if you didn’t notice the card is all white as well!

Galaxy GTX 780 Hall of Fame Edition

That will definitely make it stand out. This is going to be a great choice for gamers and overclockers. Power comes to the card via dual 8-pin connectors. There is also a dedicated BIOS switch button on the back of the card that will make it easy to switch between the dual BIOS.

Galaxy GTX 780 Hall of Fame Edition

No word yet on price or availbility.

Source: ChinaDIY | News Archive

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