GeForce RTX 40 Evangelion-themed GPU Teased By ASUS

Evangelion, a highly praised Japanese anime series with giant mechs called Evangelions, has significantly influenced ASUS in the creation of their new hardware lineup. ASUS is set to unveil a comprehensive range of products, not limited to graphics cards, drawing inspiration from this iconic show.

IMG 6612

The teaser suggests an extensive lineup, including a new chassis, motherboard (potentially based on the renowned ROG Z790 Maximus Hero), power supply, and peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, and CPU cooler.

IMG 6613

ASUS is unveiling the much-awaited GeForce RTX 40 design, which is likely to be part of the ROG STRIX series, alongside the new motherboard. This design is a continuation of last year’s RTX ROG Evangelion models, specifically the RTX 3090/3080 series. Excitingly, gamers and Evangelion enthusiasts won’t have to wait long for the official presentation, as Asus is planning to showcase the new hardware at the upcoming Bilibili World event scheduled for this weekend.

Via VideoCardz, Bilibili