GeForce RTX 4070 Turbo With Blower Fan Launched By ASUS

ASUS has introduced a blower-style design for the RTX 4070, catering to users with space constraints. Power users and AI researchers looking for a graphics card suitable for clustered or compact systems may find the RTX 4070 from ASUS fitting their requirements.

The Turbo series played a significant role with the RTX 30 and 20 series, driven by distinct circumstances during times marked by crypto and pandemic-induced GPU shortages. Companies aimed to maximize card sales while minimizing costs, leading to the widespread use of these coolers on RTX 3070/3080 cards. ASUS even ventured into releasing the RTX 3090 Turbo, although it didn’t gain much popularity.

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The ASUS RTX 4070 Turbo builds upon this concept, targeting a distinct market segment focused on AI acceleration. Featuring an AD104 GPU and ample 12GB memory, it proves suitable for various generative AI tasks. Additionally, ASUS is offering a complimentary one-month subscription to Adobe Creative Suite, a move evidently directed towards the content creation community.

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Regarding the card’s physical attributes, it adopts a dual-slot design featuring a single blower fan. An atypical placement of the standard 8-pin power connector, although unconventional for a gaming GPU, facilitates more straightforward cable management in multi-GPU setups. Given the RTX 4070’s 200W TDP, users have the flexibility to employ a single high-wattage power supply to efficiently power multiple cards simultaneously.

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Differing from typical open-air designs, the compact blower RTX 4070 Turbo model measures just 26.9 cm in length. Given its size, cooling capabilities are constrained, leading to the absence of factory overclocking. ASUS specifications do not indicate any allowance for a power limit increase. As of now, this specific model hasn’t appeared on any retailer listings, leaving its pricing undisclosed.