GeForce RTX 4090 Breaks A World Record; Crosses 3.93 GHz For The First Time

Cens achieved a remarkable milestone last month by exceeding 3.825 GHz in the corresponding benchmark. This outstanding performance earned Cens the top position in HWBOT’s GPUPI 3.3 32B ranking. As previously mentioned, HWBOT competitions do not have a specific ranking solely based on GPU frequencies for graphics cards. Instead, a specialized software called GPUPI is employed. GPUPI utilizes either OpenCL or CUDA optimizations to perform parallel calculations of the mathematical constant Pi, using the Baileyโ€“Borweinโ€“Plouffe formula.

IMG 5975

The top 20 positions in the current ranking are solely held by the GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, which stands as NVIDIA’s fastest gaming GPU available today. Cens has secured the coveted first place with an improved score of 46 seconds and 383 milliseconds. Notably, the graphics card achieved an impressive maximum frequency of 3930 MHz, setting a new record for GPU frequency.

It is important to note that GPUPI is not a benchmark that heavily stresses graphics capabilities. The peak frequency observed in this particular test does not fully reflect the utilization of 3D technology in activities such as gaming or synthetic benchmarks. However, this accomplishment remains significant, bringing the GPU community closer than ever to breaking the 4.0 GHz barrier with graphics cards.

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For the overclocking endeavor, the individual utilized the Colorful iGame RTX 4090 LAB edition, which is a meticulously selected variant of the iGame Vulcan. Colorful’s latest GPU series is gradually establishing itself as a contender against GALAX HOF and can be considered a worthy successor to the EVGA Kingpin series.

Via HWBOT, VideoCardz