GeForce RTX 4090D For China Will Have Reduced Cores And Higher Base Clock Than RTX 4090

NVIDIA is said to be in the last phases of developing the rumored RTX 4090D, according to the reputable leaker MEGAsizeGPU, known for precise NVIDIA information. The card is anticipated to debut next year, with purported adjustments to AD102 specifications to meet U.S. export standards.

In the works for the Chinese market, the GeForce RTX 4090D (with “D” representing Dragon) is facing development challenges. U.S export restrictions, specifically on high-performance GPUs like the AD102-300, have led to China being excluded from receiving these GPUs. The export ban on the RTX 4090 was initiated in mid-November, following its classification as a prohibited export in October. While Chinese board partners still have some AD102 GPUs in stock, their supply is dwindling.

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To navigate these limitations, NVIDIA is developing a new SKU with specifications closely resembling, yet not identical to, the original. The AD102 GPU is expected to feature a decreased count of CUDA cores, although the precise number is still unconfirmed. Reports indicate potential clock speeds, with a 2280 MHz base clock and a 2520 MHz boost clock for the GPU.

The card is expected to retain its 24GB GDDR6X memory setup, though precise details like memory clock speeds and TDP are still pending confirmation. NVIDIA clearly aims to align closely with the original specifications to maintain consistency in the production of the RTX 4090.

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As per initial reports, the RTX 4090D is set to debut in January. NVIDIA has a specific event planned for the RTX 40 SUPER launch at CES. Yet, it’s unclear whether the RTX 4090D will be formally introduced at the event or quietly released exclusively for the Chinese market.