Giada D2305 Mini PC Review

System Overview & Testing Procedures
Getting the system setup is very easy just plug it in, connect your devices and you are good to go.  Remember this system has built-in WiFi so you can put it pretty much anywhere in your house and still have internet connectivity.

Upon turning the system on I went into the BIOS to poke around a little bit.  There really is not much you can change as far as the processor and memory go, so it does not look like overclocking or even turning features like Intel Speedstep etc are available.  After booting up the system for the first time I installed CPU-Z to see what was running under the hood.

Giada D2305 Mini PC Giada D2305 Mini PC Giada D2305 Mini PC

Here are the full specifications for the system:

Processor: Intel Core i5-3427U
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 (1024MB)
Memory: 4GB DDR3-1333
Storage: Hitachi 500GB 5400RPM Drive
Optical: Slot-loaded DVD-RW drive
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

For comparison we will be comparing the Giada D2305 to the Lenovo C325, Zotac ZBOX Nano, Zotac ZBOX HD-AD02, and the Sapphire Edge HD2, which all are Mini PC’s.  Keep in mind these other mini PC’s are powered by older processors and do not have dedicated graphics like the D2305.  We will be running the D2305 through a battery of different benchmarks and tests.  I have organized them into different categories.

General System Testing
Windows Experience Index
Windows Media Center
HD Movie Playback

Intensive Testing
PCMark 7
PC Mark Vantage
– Cache & Memory Benchmark
SiSoftware Sandra
– Processor Arithmetic
– Processor Multimedia

Video Testing
3DMark Vantage
3DMark 11

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