Giada D2305 Mini PC Review

General System Testing
When I get any new system I run the Windows 7 experience index.  It assesses your system and gives you a score based on its findings.  The highest score you can receive for each category is 7.9.


The D2305 scored a 5.9, which was better than all of the other mini PC’s that we have tested before.

w7e graph

I tested to see how the D2305 would handle HD video.  I decided to head on over to Apple’s trailers page and see what was new.  I found the new Expendables 2  trailer and downloaded the 1080p version.  I played it back in QuickTime and monitored the CPU usage.  It averaged around 5-20% so you shouldn’t have any issues playing back 1080p HD video.  I also ran Windows Media Center and it was extremely smooth.  It is safe to say that any media software you put on this system will run just fine.

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