Gigabyte G27Q 27-inch 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Review

Final Thoughts

With Gigabyte going full steam ahead into the monitor market it is great to see them offer some budget friendly units like the G27Q. It its priced well ($289.99 at our favorite online retailer) for a 1440p IPS panel. Being IPS you are going to get very accurate and consistent colors across the board. When it comes to gaming this is a 144 Hz display with support for Freesync. As I mentioned earlier gaming at 144 Hz is a massive difference over 60 Hz or even 100 Hz especially when it comes to fast-paced games. Gigabyte also offers gaming-centric features like their aim assist, crosshairs you can add to the screen, and even timers.

When it comes to brightness you are going to get around 350 – 400 nits, which means this display does support HDR400, but this is not going to be a monitor where you really are going to get a great HDR experience. That is expected based on its price.

Also being a 27-inch 1440P display you are going to get a great pixel-per-inch ratio which means you won’t have to using any scaling within Windows running at max resolution. The display is flat, which many people will enjoy over a curved display. While you can move the display up and down you cannot swivel or pivot the display, which is a little disappointing. The monitor is sort of a “plain Jane” monitor too. It is all black with not a whole lot of branding.

One thing that does set this display apart from others is that Gigabyte offers their OSD software. So you can change all of your monitor settings using software rather than the clunky joystick on the back of the monitor. Believe me this saves so much time! Gigabyte does include the USB cable that makes this possible, and the monitor gives you two extra USB ports so you can easily connect your keyboard and mouse to the monitor for less cable mess.

I think that this display brings all of the important features together in a very affordable package. ThinkComputers gives the Gigabyte G27Q 27-inch 144 Hz Gaming Monitor a 9 out of 10 score!

rating9 10

– Price
– 144 Hz IPS Panel
– Software OSD control
– No frills design
– USB hub included

– No pivot and swivel adjustments
– Better contrast ratio on a VA panel

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