Gigabyte Introduces White Z790/B760M AORUS Motherboards With 14th Gen Core Support

Gigabyte is launching two motherboards that offer compatibility with upcoming desktop CPUs and even higher-speed memory. The Z790 AORUS PRO X and the B760M AORUS ELITE X AX feature a predominantly white design with subtle black accents, such as on the PCIe and memory slots. Gigabyte has moved away from the vibrant colors like orange or green and now embraces a more refined look with black, dark gray, and silver tones that harmonize effortlessly with the aesthetics of typical PC gaming configurations.


However, given Intel’s reluctance to introduce new socket designs and AMD’s extension of CPU roadmaps spanning several years, motherboard manufacturers are compelled to venture into innovative territory. This may include the development of specialized designs such as Mini-ITX, boards optimized for overclocking, or those exclusively tailored for gaming enthusiasts.

Gigabyte’s primary rivals, such as ASUS, MSI, and ASRock, have swiftly adjusted their product offerings by introducing creative color schemes that enable gamers to seamlessly coordinate with their systems. In contrast, Gigabyte has been somewhat slower in this regard, with only a few boards, like the AERO series designed for content creators, aligning with this trend.


The most recent designs of Z790 and B760M motherboards primarily emphasize two key aspects: introducing fresh color choices and providing compatibility with the latest CPU series. Gigabyte proudly highlights that these motherboards can accommodate DDR5 memory, achieving speeds of up to 8266 MT/s with XMP overclocking. Noteworthy features encompass effortless M.2 installation via the “EZ-Latch” mechanism and support for external display connections through the “Sensor Panel Link.”

The Z790 AORUS PRO X features an impressive 18+1+2 phase VRM design, support for up to 4 DDR5 memory DIMMs, a PCIe 5.0 x16 slot for next-generation GPUs, 5GbE Ethernet, WiFi-7 compatibility, and an onboard Realtek ALC1220 audio chipset. Although the dedicated product page for the B760M motherboard is still pending, in terms of design, both motherboards share a remarkable similarity.


Via Gigabyte