Gigabyte Launches Its CMP 30HX Mining Card

NVIDIA announced that its CMP mining card series will be released by the end of Q1 2021. However, Gigabyte, out of all NVIDIA’s board partners, has released its CMP 30HX graphics card today, thus making Gigabyte the first in the league.

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Gigabyte did not confirm the GPU variant being used in the CMP 30HX model nor its FP32 cores core count. Luckily, sources at Videocardz had access to this information. As per the sources, the Gigabyte CMP 30HX features Turing TU116-100 GPU that has 1408 CUDA cores. The GPU is paired with 6GB GDDR6 RAM operating at 14Gbps.

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The CMP 30HX is the slowest card among the series. NVIDIA will also launch CMP 40HX with TU106-100 GPU and CMP 50HX with TU102-100 GPU and is also working on 90HX and CMP 170X.

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The Gigabyte CMP 30HX can be purchased from Romania for 720 USD, but it remains unclear if this price is the same as MSRP that was set by NVIDIA or Gigabyte.

Via Gigabyte