Gigabyte Recalls Z690I AORUS Ultra Motherboard After PCIe Gen4-Related Issues

Gigabyte’s Mini-ITX Z690I AORUS Ultra which was based on the Z690 chipset has been recalled as the device was facing some bottlenecks. The motherboard seems to be showing errors only when connected to the PCIe Gen4 devices. The company tried to fix the issue with a BIOS update but that doesn’t seem to have worked and hence the units had to be recalled.

GBT Z690I 1

As a result of this recall, Gigabyte has decided to offer free upgrade to the Z690I AORUS Ultra Plus which is an updated version of the same motherboard, without the issues of course. And if this isn’t acceptable, then customers can ask for a refund as well.

All customers have been requested to register their motherboards, regardless of which version they have; the DDR4 or the DDR5. The recall program started by Gigabyte will be ending on November 30th this year. This means that customers have enough time to act if they are facing problems with their motherboard.

GBT Z690I 2

Customers are advised to register their motherboards even if they purchased the DDR4 or DDR5 version. Gigabyte will end the recall program by November 30 this year. This will gives everyone enough time to act if they found any problems. Not to forget, customers who have already sent their motherboards for an RMA, will receive a free upgrade to Z690I AORUS Ultra Plus motherboard.

Via VideoCardz