GIGABYTE Shows Off WindForce 450W VGA Cooling Solution

Last week we showed you the Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan WindForce 3X, which is a GeForce GTX Titan with a custom cooling solution. This cooling solution is the WindForce 450W air cooling solution. It is made up of an aluminum heatsink and three PWM cooling fans. As the name suggests this cooling solution can dissipate a whopping 450 watts! Gigabyte has been testing this cooling solution on the GeForce GTX Titan, which is currently the most powerful consumer graphics card on the market.

gigabyte vga 1

gigabyte vga 2

While testing on the GTX Titan Gigabyte claims this cooler achieves a 5C cooler temperature and dB level of only 28.3 when running Furmark. That is a 29.3 dB difference when compared to the reference cooler on the Titan. This cooler will also help provide better GPU Boost frequencies.

Now if you were expecting to see a Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan WindForce 3X actually hit the market you will be disappointed. With NVIDIA having strict restrictions on modifying the reference design of the GTX Titan (besides watercooling) you are not going to see a custom GTX Titan with a different air cooling solution anytime soon. Gigabyte is using the GTX Titan version as a “technology demonstrator” to show the future cooling system for next-gen graphics cards as well as the current top models.

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