Gigabyte Unveils GeForce RTX 4070 WindForce “Throne & Liberty” Edition GPU

The upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Throne and Liberty, developed by the South Korean company NCSOFT, is set to launch soon. Gigabyte is actively working on specialized graphics cards and motherboards to ensure that enthusiastic gamers have the optimal gear for playing the game.


Gigabyte is introducing a unique variant of the GeForce RTX 4070 WindForce OC graphics card, maintaining the original cooler design. The card has been adorned with custom stickers for fans and is equipped with a completely new backplate. Despite these updates, the model will maintain its distinctive black design.


Furthermore, Gigabyte is poised to unveil a distinctive version of the AORUS Z790 ELITE X motherboard, based on an established design. Featuring custom stickers on the I/O and heatsink covers, displaying graphics from the game, this motherboard is anticipated to be exclusively accessible in South Korea. A comparable regional restriction is foreseen for the associated graphics card, according to available information.


Via TechPowerUp