Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master With DDR4 Memory Listed In Australia

The recent Tweet of a renowned leakster, @momomo_us, suggests that Gigabyte has listed two motherboards with Z690 chipsets and DDR4 support in Australia.

Gigabyte Z690

Although the leakster hasn’t shared a link to an Australian retailer but claims that they are from Australia. The price tags of 768.90 AUD and 438.90 AUD convert into 572 and 327 USD, respectively. These will be the initial prices of the upcoming LGA1700 based motherboards for the Intel Alder Lake series.

The number ‘1200’ in the listing refers to the LGA1200 socket. Board partners have already confirmed to the media that they will release DDR4 motherboards for Alder Lake. However, it was also mentioned that high-end motherboards will feature DDR5 RAM support. There is a possibility that manufacturers will wait for DDR5’s large spread availability before they make the switch.

Intel Alder Lake Details 2

Hence it can be said that The AORUS Z690 series will be the first consumer motherboards to support PCIe Gen5, one of the key upgrades over Rocket Lake 500-series motherboards. As per the latest rumors, it will launch alongside the 12th Gen Core series on November 19th.