Google Pay Vs. Apple Pay: What Kiwis Choose For Gambling

Upon the arrival of smartphones early in the 21st century, the tech world has been filled with a dominant topic of contention. Android users and Apple users have had this contention going for a while now. At every chance that appears, they are both poised to make their different opinions known.

Inevitably this conversation is getting obsolete with time, even more so with a new topic of discussion coming into the picture. The new topic surrounds the dispute on the better payment option between Apple pay and Google pay.

It is fascinating to see how vastly contactless payments have been accepted globally. Particularly, Kiwis (New Zealanders) similarly have begun to adopt the contactless payment alternatives for both retail trades and to pay on gambling sites.

Contactless Payment

Our emphasis in this article is on two of these contactless payment choices, Apple Pay and Google Pay. First of all, we shall lead you into the world of contactless payments. The technology that provides us with payment options like Google pay and Apple pay is worth recognition.

How Does It Work?

As an improvement on the cashless payment technology, contactless payment rids you of having to slide your card at POS terminals when making payments. Instead, it only requires you to use your card with a compatible device. The technology employs Near Field Communication (NFC) to procure payments from your gadgets.

And from the near field communication terminals, radio frequency identification (RFID) sends signals to the payment reader. This process registers your payment. The contactless payment options are protected, and this makes them the safest means to make payments in every regard.

The contactless payment options we are considering in this article are Google Pay and Apple Pay. Which of these two offer more features, and how do the features help Kiwis to gamble better?

Kiwis and Gambling: How Do Contactless Payment Options Help?

Kiwis have been one of the first users of gambling platforms from way back in the day. A survey was done in 1999 on how New Zealanders spend their time revealed that an average kiwi spends 60 minutes daily gambling. Women spend over 75 minutes on average and men at least 40 minutes.

For Kiwis, contactless payment options only make it better to gamble, and they have some favorites among these contactless payment choices. We will start with Google Pay.

Google Pay

Formerly known as Android Pay, it can be accessed by gadgets (smartphones, smartwatches, etc.) using Android or iOS. What then are the features of this contactless payment option?


  • Makes payment to those without Google Pay. This payment wallet can make payments to those that do not have Google Pay, as long as you have the needed email address or phone number.
  • Safe and Secure. Choosing Google Pay has proven to be a cautious preference. As a prestigious technological outfit, Google is not one tech company that holds security measures lightly. They ensure their services are always protected from any harm at all.
  • Easy to Use. And with the standards they have set through their topnotch practices, they have made their services convenient likewise. With a simple procedure involving only a few taps, you can effortlessly make cash transfers to your casino account.
  • Allows Saving Different Cards. You can save different cards (PayPal, gift cards, and bank cards) on the Google Pay system. With this, you can always make payments on the go.
  • Satisfactory Deposits Limits and Zero Charges. With the cash limits allowed on G Pay, you have access to more funds when playing at New Zealand online casinos that accept Google Pay available for Kiwis. The deposit limit every week is set at $10,000, and as Kiwis, you do not pay for the processing of these deposits.
  • Vast Array of Games. Google Pay features the best of selections on their operators. They feature game selections from top gaming brands like Microgaming, Netent, Play ‘N Go, and Betsoft. This feature allows kiwis access to a vast array of games.


  • No Chance For Withdrawal
  • Only a few gambling operators allow Google Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay seems to be one contactless payment choice with an enormous user base. This payment platform has specific features:


  • Apple Pay ensures you stay protected when performing transactions on compatible casinos, restricting you from inputting your details in the servers for deposits.
  • The deposit process on New Zealand online casinos using Apple Pay is timely and with zero charges
  • This wallet is easy to operate, especially with the Touch ID configuration.
  • This payment option is available on both iOS and macOS devices.


  • A low number of casinos accept Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay forbids payouts.

Final Words

These two contactless payment platforms share essential features like security, privacy, and timely processing. These, among other reasons, are responsible for their choice over other alternatives by Kiwis for gambling.