Google to Launch Nexus TV in 2014

The living room content area is once again being touched by Google and so far the rumors have been circulating around about Google bringing in the Nexus TV set-top box or maybe a device. This release is to be made in the early first half of the year 2014. With this, Google is surely trying to tread in a dangerous area since the launch of Nexus Q wasn’t really successful previously. This was a Google TV idea but never was fruitful.


You are wrong if you are associating this Nexus TV set with an ordinary TV content provider. If Google is really going to release this, then the delivery of web-rich media will be made possible through this. This is certainly not going to be your everyday TV, it is more like a set-top box and it is very much a possibility that customized versions of this Nexus TV will be provided with pairing with different manufacturers. LG is one of the names which has been thought to partner on this project with Google but this might be expanded to other manufacturers as well.

Google has already been doing well with its rich content mediums of Google Movies, Google Music and YouTube and it can offer a subscription merging it with Google Search and this will create a whole new device. This Nexus TV is said to be run by Android and will stream through Netflix and Hulu etc and there possibilities that gaming might be incorporated into this.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive