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Piixl Jetpack SteamOS Gaming Machine Detailed

Computer makers all around the world have concentrated their efforts towards the production of a hardware which will readily run the Valve’s SteamOS gaming PC operating system. Though it hasn’t been released as yet but manufacturers of PCs surely want to be ready for it whenever it arrives. It seems like Piixl, the British computer builder, has done its part well and is ready to introduce its entry into the Steam Machine market. Upon its arrival, this Jetpack by Piixl is going to be powered by Windows, Linux or maybe even Steam’s own Steam OS. We have heard that this jetpack is going to be compatible with any 3rd party graphics card and this is unlike any of the other Steam Machines but it seems like Piixl is all set to give out a tough competition to the rivals.

Piixl Jetpack

Jetpack has not been named on what resides inside the machine but the promising name has more to do with the outsides. The internal specs are not much of a delight to know but the outer appearance is pretty much doing justice as far as the pictures can tell. It comes with an expandable chassis and the quality is that it can be mounted directly to the back of the television screen. You can have it on your wall or even under the table if you’d like. The VESA mount specifications make it easier for the Jetpack to be attached with any television which is 32-inches and 70-inches across the diagonal. The Jetpack is going to be available next month and it will be available in different configurations to meet the needs and requirements of different people.

Piixl Jetpack

Source: Piixl | News Archive