Google Yeti: Netflix for Video games

We are sure you don’t forget keeping your Netflix subscription active, so that you can watch your favorite shows on time, always. And while you might love watching Netflix, there is some good news for gamers as well. Netflix offers you videos on demand and streaming media.

A bit similar to it, Google, the search engine giant, is coming up with something like that but for video games called Google Yeti.

It is going to be a revolutionary breakthrough for many game lovers out there. And while you can argue that Play Stations are doing the same, Google will have the edge over the competitors by offering ChromeCast.

What Would You Love?

Just like Netflix broadcasts videos, movies, and series over the internet to its users, Google is planning to do the same with games – and it has the potential to become Netflix for video games.

In what is perhaps a launch of a new concept, many game lovers are waiting for Yeti to be launched in the market – but Google is Yeti to confirm the date.

For now, Google is having words with game developers about whether to develop new games specifically for Yeti or whether they can use existing games to be broadcasted.

More news is awaited at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. So, till then they can enjoy their regular gaming options.

How much will Yeti charge?

There seems to be a discussion right at how the subscription model will work and how gamers would be able to get access to the games they want to play.

Till now, Google is not clear about the potential payments and like Netflix you have to pay some amount as subscription charges for playing games with Yeti.

For Yeti, Google will use its cloud to help users get streamed. Google aims to broadcast games helping gamers to enjoy playing their favorite games on a bigger screen. Apart from that, gamers are likely to be able to choose one of the many games listed and play them as per their convenience and likeness.

How Will Google Compete?

Many critics would be waiting to see just how Google will compete with its competitors such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation. Moreover, as the Yeti service will on a subscription basis, there will be zero downloads and gamers can play any game from its entire collection. It’s a new concept in the market, but there are challenges that everybody from Google to developers need to address. There isn’t just a need to keep games interesting at all times, it is also about working on a good subscription based model that is profitable for all.

If it can work out, it will be a breakthrough if it works as planned. Apart from that, it will be interesting to see how Google is spreading its wings to cover up new sectors in the market instead of being limited to being just a Search Engine Giant.

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