GPD Win Max 2 2024 Powered By Ryzen 7 8840U And 32GB LPDDRX Memory Is Now Selling For $885

GPD has unveiled the Win Max 2 2024, which stands out from its predecessors with its expansive 10.1-inch screen compared to the 6 and 7-inch variants. Despite its larger display, GPD managed to fit everything into a compact 22.7 x 16.0 x 0.23 cm chassis, thanks to its narrow bezels and clamshell design. However, one downside of this design is its weight of 1kg.

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The display offers touch functionality and is compatible with an active stylus boasting 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity (MPP2.0), available as a separate accessory. Crafted with precision, the Win Max 2 showcases an all-metal CNC body constructed from 6061 aluminum-magnesium alloy. Additionally, the use of aviation-grade ABS synthetic resin on the back enhances grip comfort, particularly during prolonged gaming sessions.

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Under the hood, the device harnesses the cutting-edge capabilities of AMD Ryzen processors, providing choices such as the Ryzen 7 8840U APU accompanied by AMD Radeon 780M RDNA3 Graphics and up to 64GB of LPDDR5x memory. This configuration guarantees seamless performance, even when tackling demanding gaming titles. Alternatively, users can opt for the Ryzen 5 8640U version, boasting 6 cores and Radeon 760M graphics. It’s important to note that this variant utilizes the larger Hawk Point APU without Zen4c cores, which also features significantly reduced Radeon 740M graphics.

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Customers have the choice between 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models equipped with LPDDR5X-7500 memory. Notably, the 16GB variant is exclusively available with the Phoenix model, which includes the Ryzen 5 7640U processor. Meanwhile, Hawk Point APUs come with a minimum capacity of 32GB.

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In summary, GPD offers a range of AMD-based systems, including those powered by Phoenix and Hawk Point APUs. Some of these systems serve as direct successors to the Phoenix, while others are handhelds featuring older APUs at reduced prices.

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The Win Max 2 boasts an extensive array of features, such as a built-in magnetic controller cover facilitating smooth switching between gaming handheld and business laptop modes. Additionally, users have the option for 4G LTE support and compatibility with Wi-Fi 6. Storage-wise, it offers a dual M.2 slot supporting storage capacities of up to 2TB, notably in the 2280 form factor.

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Audiophiles will find delight in the built-in 4-channel smart amplifier and four super-linear speakers. Additionally, the handheld boasts a 67Wh battery for prolonged gaming sessions, while the 100W PD charger enables rapid charging, achieving 50% charge in just 20 minutes.

GPD Win Max 2 is currently available for purchase through retail channels in China and international crowdfunding platforms starting from $815.

Source: GPD JD Shop