GPD Win Max 2 Facing Delays Due To Shortage Of Ryzen 7 7840U APUs

GPD, a well-established collaborator with AMD, recognized for their foldable handheld gaming consoles, has unveiled the Win Max 2. Their product range predominantly showcases AMD components, primarily due to their superior graphics performance when compared to Intel processors. Nevertheless, the Win Max 2 is facing delays, and GPD is ascribing this delay to AMD.


In a crowdfunding page update, GPD has provided details regarding the delays in shipping the Win Max 2, which are a result of a shortage of AMD chips. These chips were supposed to be delivered in multiple batches, but it seems that the second batch of Ryzen 7 7840U APUs did not arrive on schedule. The company has gone to the extent of alleging that AMD breached their contract by not delivering chips on time to their upstream supplier, causing production delays for the console.


Encountering such posts from board and OEM partners, particularly those heavily dependent on AMD chips for their product range, is rather uncommon. GPD also offers models such as the Win Mini (7840U/7640U), Win 4 (7840U/7640U), and Pocket 3, which relies on the Intel Tiger Lake SoC. In this predicament, GPD is somewhat constrained, with their only option being to patiently wait for the shipment and consistently inform their backers of the progress.

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Relatedly, this scenario serves as a valuable illustration of why gamers should approach preordering hardware from companies primarily operating within the crowdfunding sector with caution.