Graphics Cards Prices to Decline 20% in July – NVIDIA Postponing Next Gen Launch?

DigiTimes is reporting that there will be a decrease in graphics card pricing for July. This decrease seems to be a way for suppliers to reduce inventory of stockpiled graphics cards that were expected to be sold in continued demand from cryptocurrency miners and gamers. DigiTimes, citing “sources from the upstream supply chain” says that we can expect a 20% price drop for graphics cards. Also semiconductor manufacturer TSMC and its partners are expecting revenue estimates to be lower than previously-projected values, as demand for graphics and ASIC chips is further reduced.

graphics cards

The worldwide graphics card market is expected to have several million units that have not been sold and are hard to move. More than likely because the tech is ancient (in terms of usual hardware tech time-frames) and people are waiting for the next-generation card from NVIDIA. It is also being reported that NVIDIA has around a million GPUs still pending logistical distribution.

Because of this NVIDIA has decided to postpone the launch of their next-gen products (both 12 nm and 7 nm) until supply returns to safe levels.

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