Griffin AirCurve for iPhone Review

AirCurve Overview

As I said this is not a speaker system at all and it sure does not look like one either. The AirCurve’s design sort of reminds me of those overly-large paper weights people have on their desks. The AirCurve is made of clear polycarbonate in the shape of a square. In the center you will find the opening to place your iPhone on. Inside the AirCurve is what looks like a pathway, it is actually a waveguide that collects sound from the built-in speaker on your iPhone and amplifies it and projects it by about 10 decibels! All if this is done without any power at all.

Griffin AirCurve for iPhone Griffin AirCurve for iPhone

The AirCurve is actually 2 polycarbonate pieces that are held together by 4 large screws. On the bottom of each screw is a rubber foot that makes sure the AirCurve won’t move around your desk easily and so it won’t scratch up your desk. On the bottom you will also notice another hole that allows you to place your dock connector in the AirCurve so you can sync and charge your iPhone when it is on the AirCurve.

Griffin AirCurve for iPhone Griffin AirCurve for iPhone


Getting the AirCurve setup is pretty simple, especially since it does not require any power at all. Just place it on your desk and insert one of the included iPhone adapters, which easily slip right in. Then go ahead and insert your iPhone and listen to music, take calls, etc.

Griffin AirCurve for iPhone Griffin AirCurve for iPhone

I was really surprised at the increase and amplification of the sound because of the AirCurve. I made a small video showing you the difference. Take a look…

To install the dock connector on the AirCurve is very simple. First get the dock connector that came with your iPhone and put it down through the AirCurve through the top. Before you get it all the way in take the supplied dock well spacer and attach it to the cord right under the connector then pull the cord the rest of the way in to lock it all into place. Now you have something that will charge your iPhone as well as play music quite loud. Having the dock connector in the AirCurve does not affect the sound quality at all.

Griffin AirCurve for iPhone Griffin AirCurve for iPhone


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