Griffin AirCurve for iPhone Review

Final Thoughts

When I first saw this product I was very skeptical about it, I mean something that can amplify the sound of my iPhone that does not even require any power? Well Griffin sure proved me wrong! The AirCurve works great and I have it on my desk right now. I use it for calls all the time when I’m at my computer and I want to have a phone call at the same time while typing. It makes it easy to hear people on the one end and it is nice being able to listen to music that not extremely loud, but better than using the speaker on the iPhone itself. Since the AirCurve does not need to be plugged in it can be used anywhere and if you are using it on your desk it just makes for less clutter.

I like that you are able to install the dock connector in the AirCurve. It turns the AirCurve into a docking station that doubles as a sound amplifier. That’s how I’m using it on my desk right now.

The best thing about the AirCurve is the price; you can find it online for around $19.99 which is a great deal! Overall ThinkComputers gives the Griffin AirCurve for iPhone a 10 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award.

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– Easy to use
– Really does amplify sound
– Can be used with the dock connector
– Requires no power at all
– Price


– None that I found


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