Griffin PowerDock 5 USB Charging Station Review

Final Thoughts
The more devices we get that use USB for charging the more packed our outlets get so a device like the PowerDock 5 is the perfect solution. With the PowerDock 5 you get five powered USB ports and it only takes up a single outlet, rather than plugging in each power brick that comes with your device. Each outlet provides 10W or 2.1A of power so your devices will charge quite quickly as well.

On top of just being a multiple-port USB charger the PowerDock 5 is specifically designed to save you space and keep your devices organized. It does a pretty good job at that and definitely saves space. While Griffin does have cable management channels built into the base they only work with specific size cables. There is quite a lot of real estate under the unit, I wish Griffin would have came up with some way to utilize it for cable management.

As of writing you can find the PowerDock 5 at our favorite online retailer for $67.24. The going rate for charging docks that also offer storage / organization is anywhere between $40 – $80. But you do have to keep in mind that you could pick up three InStream SeptimusB 7-port USB chargers for the price of one PowerDock 5.

At the end of the day the PowerDock 5 helps you charge multiple USB devices at once and keeps everything nice and organized. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Griffin PowerDock 5 USB Charging Station an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Charge up to 5 USB devices
– Takes up a single outlet
– Organizes devices and saves space
– Easy to setup and use
– Fast charging

– Would have liked to have seen better cable management capabilities
– Priced well above normal USB chargers with no organizational features

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