Half-Life Alyx Could be Unveiled Next Month at The Game Awards

According to the latest rumors a new entry in the Half-Life series, Half-Life Alyx is apparently in the works and will be unveiled next month at the Game Awards. A leaked interview between Geoff Keighley, Robin Walker, developers of Team Fortress 2, and a third person has made its way online which indicated that Half-Life Alyx is going to be released in March 2020. The game will be the flagship VR game that Valve announced a while back, and it will be revealed at this year’s The Game Awards.

Half Life Alyx

Here are the interesting bits from the interview…

(Geoff:) Speaking of “Half-Life: Alyx”, (It will be at) The Game Awards, December 12th. We will have more to share with you on the game there so I hope you get to tune in. I’m excited to show more of it there.

It was made very clear that Half-Life Alyx is not Half-Life 3, but depending on how the game is received it could convince Valve to finally make a sequel to the series.

But I think people probably wonder, okay, moving forward does this mean that Valve now is just making VR games? Are we going to get that Half-Life 3, or that new big, epic kind of Valve game down the road? Or is it, oh now we’re makin’ VR games, that’s what we do?

I mean, we’re very excited about this, but you know, until we ship, you never know. Maybe we’re all really wrong, and it’s terrible. We have to wait and see what the reception is like.

As with any type of rumor take this with a grain of salt. However The Game Awards take place in less than a month so we will find out if this rumor is true or not.

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