Harman Kardon SoundSticks III Review

If you are serious about your computer sound system then Harman Kardon should be in your bucket list. The market for small and practical computer speakers is now booming. As technology is developing we can get the high-quality sound, as well as a hard kick from the subwoofer even from small speakers. People started using these computer speakers even for studios, which explains the quality of the speakers nowadays. The creativity is limitless with these speakers, and designers are going over the roof with finished products.

When it comes to Harman Kardon’s SoundSticks III, you must know that they don’t have much more sound quality improvement from the previous SoundSticks II. However, the design is a head-turner for sure. The speakers look like they belong in the museum, which was probably the whole idea of the new speakers.

When it comes to specifications, they wanted to keep it the same as the previous with four drivers (1-inch) that are mounted vertically in dual 10-watt satellite speakers. They are drawing their power from the 20-watt subwoofer which in most cases sits on the floor. Nevertheless, they decided to keep even one feature that was irritating the users, which is reaching the subwoofer in order to turn off the system. Unfortunately, they didn’t opt for the more accessible turn of a button from the speakers, but this small detail isn’t going to spoil your fun.


This design started a long time ago and they are keeping it to this day. The system is made from clear plastic which is enriched with an inside light glow that makes the subwoofer look like jellyfish. For the SoundSticks III, Harman decided to lower the intensity of the lightning and make it less distracting. The satellite speakers can be tilted and angle adjusted and are stabilized with donut shape mount.

These speakers are very odd and unique and just because of that they are considered to be very beautiful. The two pill-shaped satellite speakers that standing vertically, look very eye-catchy with the four 1-inch speakers. They are very practical as well, they are connected to the 10.2×9.2-inch subwoofer with a cable that is wrapped in transparent housing for better protection. You can set up this sound system in minutes with only male audio output.

There is one thing that can come irritating with these speakers and that is the lack of sound level that you can see on the speakers. Harman did not decide to go with the LED lights that will show you the sound level probably because of the uniqueness of the design. The volume buttons are very sensitive, which can be a good or a bad thing. Users complain about their sensitivity which in some case you can end up increasing the volume by mistake. They are opting for knob feature in the future.


This sound system does not stop only with the great looks: the performance is there as well. The good thing is that they can provide high-quality clear sound and they are resistant to distortion even if you push their limits. The bass is very impressive and it really enriches the crisp sound from the satellites. The speakers have a limited range from 20Hz to 44Hz, but this detail does not spoil the sound quality. There is zero added hissing as well as very little audible static between tracks. These speakers can come even with a Wireless Bluetooth feature, making them little more expensive but more practical and user-friendly. SoundSticks III can deliver high-quality deep sound and satisfy your needs.


When you buy these speakers, you are buying the whole package, incredible design, and brilliant sound-quality as well as built quality. Even though these speakers are a couple of years old they still are leaders in the horse race of speakers under $200. Nowadays, they will cost you around $140 which is well worth if you want to stand out with this uniquely designed speakers.

A couple of irritating features are a small price to pay in order for you to get your dream set of speakers, which are capable of delivering every sound at its finest. Harman Kardon is known for developing top-class speakers and they sure did not disappoint with the SoundSticks III.

Author: Mario Petkovski