HAVIT HV-KB378L Gaming Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts

During our time with the HAVIT HV-KB378L, we found the keyboard to be a decent option for testing out the waters of the mechanical keyboard realm. The HV-KB378L offers customizable RGB lighting on a per-key basis, though the lighting modes and colors are somewhat limited, as there is no companion software to allow for a truly customized lighting layout. For those just getting into the gaming keyboard realm, the included lighting options will probably be just fine, but those looking for a truly custom lighting experience will want to look somewhere else.

HV KB378L Lights6

Using the HV-KB378L was quite uneventful, which is a good thing. The Otmue blue switches worked great in both typing and gaming activities, and the keycaps provided by HAVIT had a comfortable indentation and texture that was comfortable for long sessions. If you have been using a mechanical keyboard, the change over to the HV-BK378L would be quite easy. If moving from a membrane or similar type of switch, the move to the mechanical keys of the HAVIT unit may take a bit of getting used to. This is no fault of the keyboard, but just an inherent difference in how the two types of switches feel and sound. The overall feel of the keyboard took a bit to get used to, as the oddly shaped wrist rest(s) have differing shapes and sizes, and can not be removed. We would have liked to see a more standard sized and shaped design here, even if it were still non-removable.

With a price of just $60, the HAVIT HV-KB378L checks off many of the boxes for what it takes to be a true competitor in the gaming keyboard field. The Otemu blue mechanical switches and their LED lighting provide the look and feel of a gaming keyboard, while the aluminum top panel ensures that there is no flex in the board. The missing USB pass-through and lighting software, while great to have, would surely add to the cost of this budget-priced keyboard, but would really add to the overall experience.

The low entry cost of the HAVIT HV-KB378L make it an enticing product that gives potential buyers many of the features found on higher priced keyboards. We think the HV-KB378L is a good option for someone looking for a mechanical keyboard without having to spend a lot of cash. Our final verdict awards the HAVIT HV-KB378L with a 7 out of 10.

rating7 10


  • Sturdy aluminum plate makes this a very solid keyboard
  • No drivers or software needed
  • Otemu blue mechanical switches
  • LED lighting
  • Competitive pricing


  • Oddly shaped wrist rest
  • No companion software for lighting or macros
  • No USB pass-through