Highest Paying Computer-Based Careers

Computer-based jobs are a cherished opportunity and a path to a successful if somewhat sedentary life. The higher-income potential associated with tech-focused professions isn’t new, nor is it going to disappear any time soon. While some call it disparity, others call it an opportunity and the good news is tech jobs remain very accessible for those who are willing to learn.

Today, the highest-earning computer-based careers may fetch you anything between $59,000 for web developer to $69,000 for software quality assurance (QA) engineer to $157,000 for a software development director.

Gaining an entry in tech and computer-based jobs is easy, and you do not necessarily have to be exceptionally tech-savvy to make a seven-figure living. With platforms such as Amazon-owned Twitch empowering witty content creators, things are looking up for people who want to do what they love form behind a keyboard.

1. Twitch Streamer

When Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 for $970 million, the e-commerce giant knew that Twitch would become big.

We didn’t realize how big exactly until later in 2020 when Tyler “Ninjas” Blevins started playing Epic Games’ smashing battle royale PC hit Fortnite, drawing in steady crowds of streamers by combining entertaining personality with a flair for the game, leading to many action-packed, emotion-charged and skillful plays.

His ability to be both an entertainer and a professional video gamer has won Blevins a pretty penny, with the streamer revealing earlier this year that he has been making $500,000 a month from his Fortnite gaming sessions and Twitch streaming.

2. Software Development

Software development is still the default profession when it comes to securing a computer-based career. Becoming good at software development can be a gateway to a cushy life that many dream of. The good news is that you do not necessarily have to go to an expensive university to secure the knowledge necessary to do highly-qualified work.

In fact, visiting websites such as Udemy and DataCamp and finding employers as a freelancer at marketplaces such as Upwork is very possible. Judging by Upwork’s recent jump in stock value, there is no shortage of freelancers who are keen to join the platform.

For those who understand software development, that is great news, because Upwork ranks technical skills in the top-ten percentile of sought after skills.

  1. Playing Online Poker

It sounds like the computer-based career you would like to dive into, as it offers plenty of free time, a rather stress-free environment, and having both money and fun. However, gambling is only fun for as long as you treat it as a hobby.

Try to turn it into a career, and you will be faced with some new challenges, that the recreational gambler has not had time to stop and think about. The great thing is that making a living as a professional gambler, according to GamblingNews, can be pinned down to several quantifiable core features.

Picking a game you want to be a professional gambler in is step one. Mastering this game is another. The good news is that there are many success stories of poker and blackjack player who have really beat the casinos, and outsmarted the competition to be millionaires today. Plus, you get to play remotely from the comfort of your home.

With this said, games of skill can make you a millionaire if you are incredibly smart and the right amount of lucky. However, you still may need to consider if a regular computer-based job isn’t better for you.

4. Starting a Blog Network

Sometimes the best thing you can do is share your knowledge with others. Blog networks do make a pretty penny, and even a single block, providing you take your time curating the content and preparing new and interesting topics, can actually be very impactful. Today, the most successful blog networks seem to be those discussing:

  • SEO
  • E-commerce
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Video games

The sole condition you need to succeed at your new computer-based job is to have accumulated knowledge in any field so that you can impart it with authority and confidence.

Provided you do, though, you will end up being able to make a stable living off your years of experience and honing your craft. People will pay to hear you talk, write and perform whatever your chosen field is so long as you remain a leading authority in it.

Some technological know-how goes a long way, but as long as you are prepared to get your blog or website right, you should have no trouble setting yourself up with a venture that could potentially bring you a respectable living.

5. Information Security Engineering

In an overly-connected world where everything about us leaves a digital footprint and has a digital equivalent, providing adequate care and protection of this sensitive information is the bulwark against our society descending into chaos.

Information security engineers or security analyst are tasked with the Herculean task of protecting our digital worlds, and their job is one of the best-paying one. At the same time, a security analyst may find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done to ensure the safety of a company’s server or cloud service’s data storage.

An analyst must prepare protections, test for vulnerabilities, explore potential security breaches, and establish an overall policy that enables a company to operate safely.

This comes on top of myriad other small tasks that fill the-day-to-day activities of a security analyst. However, the pay can easily amount to anything between $97,000 to $135,000 a year, a respectable and worthwhile number.

6. Crypto and Blockchain Writer

If you have a talent for the written word and know about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, or have the curious mind that is essential to a successful content writer, than finding a job that requires language creativity in blockchain will earn you a pretty penny.

You may be making over $200 in a 6-8-hour work day, depending on how knowledgeable, creative and quick you are. A good content writer can make $100,000 a year, without breaking in as putting in so much, which makes for the cushiest computer-based career you can dream about.