How to Record Streaming Radio Like Your DVR

Whether you are listening to your favorite song or program on the radio, you may want to record it as it streams. Recording streaming radio is a perfect option, especially if you are a busy person. You may wish to listen to the radio program later because your daily schedules may not allow you to do that when it’s live streaming. If that’s the case, opting to record streaming radio¬† is a perfect option. Keep reading to know how you can do that. Following are the various ways on how to record streaming radio:

How to do it when using a computer

It’s never as complex as you may think. You only need to have a few software, and you will be good to go. The software will make the quality of your recorded stream as good as it was when live streaming. Furthermore, you will have to set them to do the recording to continue with your tasks. Below are some of the modern software. However, there are other traditional ways that you can consider. For our case, we will consider the software first.

  1. A mixer (e.g., Stereo)

A mixer is one of the best options you can use to make your audio recording from radio better. An example of a good mixer is the stereo mixer. If anything is to go by what a sound driver should provide, a stereo mixer should be one of those that you should not miss in your sound driver. When trying to access it on your windows driver, you may be astonished that it exists as a default driver.

What should you do if you realize that? Don’t stop your ambitions of recording the streaming program. All you will need to do is enable it, and it will be ready to start recording. You will select the recording program you want. When opting for this feature, don’t feel disappointed if you realize it’s not part of your drivers. Not all windows come with it. If you realize your windows don’t have it, you should not withdraw from pursuing the main goal. As we’ve discussed in the next section of this article, there are other ways to do it.

  1. Use Audacity

Of the unique and amazing software, you can use to record your streaming Radio, Audacity is one of them. The feature is also compatible with Windows and other operating systems such as Linus and MacOS. Additionally, it saves the common problem that most of the latest windows pc have-Lack of Stereo mixer. That makes it a huge preference among those who want to record sound from their computers. When using Audacity to record Streaming Radio, you must choose the streaming audio host. After that, decide on the loop back device that suits you. For instance, you can choose speakers to loop back to make the process better.

  1. Go traditional

An alternative that is perceived to be traditional but still works magic when you want to record is an audio cable. An audio cable with a connector of about 3.55 mm will work best. You must ensure that the connectors are on both ends to make them work well.

  1. You can also opt for is one option you should not forget about anytime you think of recording streaming Radio. It’s an amazing software that will allow you to record your streaming favorite radio broadcasts. It’s a perfect and amazing option.


From the above, you can realize that recording streaming radio 12 should not be a headache for you anymore. Just choose either of the options we’ve listed above.