Sudoku And The Morning Paper, How This Game Has Shaped The Leisure Morning Routine for Americans

Solving Sudoku puzzles has taken the world by storm. Thanks to the morning paper that gives puzzle lovers something to wake up to every morning. There’s no doubt that this game offers several benefits to its players. However, some people are still wondering how sudoku free puzzles can shape their morning routine. This article explains how playing this puzzle can shape your morning.

Read on to find out more.

  1. A Positive Start

Players who’ve been investing around ten to twenty minutes daily in solving Sudoku puzzles say that it gives them the morale to start their day. Some local papers even make playing Sudoku an adventure. You have to look for it for some time because it doesn’t appear on the same page. However, some puzzles are placed on the sports pages.

To start your day well, you need to be motivated. That’s what Sudoku offers you. When you pick your pencil, pen, and all-important eraser to start solving the puzzle, your concentration and focus will improve. As this occurs, your body releases hormones that evoke great pleasure. As a result, you’ll experience the happiness and excitement you need to have a joyous day.

Apart from that, the anticipation and thrill of victory can also make your day lively. If you succeed in solving the puzzle, you’ll step out of your house with a winning attitude. Besides that, you’ll feel the need to take with you the focus you’ve gotten from the ritual to your work.

  1. Humility

The difficulty levels of newspaper puzzles increase as the week progresses. Monday puzzles are straightforward; Tuesday’s easy, and they continue that way till the weekend when the puzzles are very challenging. Most players are often humbled when they make mistakes in the most straightforward puzzles in the week.

Your morning needs to start with humility. That way, you’ll be more careful as you drive to work and treat your workmates. The careless mistakes you may make from the most straightforward puzzles can teach you that you shouldn’t be self-assured. They also teach you to be open to always learning, even in the things you know. Assumptions and certainty can be keys to unnecessary and careless mistakes.

  1. Connections With Friends And Strangers

Playing Sudoku on the morning paper can help you make friends, especially if you’re traveling. Sudoku is addictive, and many players can’t avoid playing it even when they’re on buses, trains, and planes. If you’re traveling with your friend on a bus or train, Sudoku can help you have exciting conversations.

Furthermore, it can also attract other Sudoku lovers. No addicted player would resist the urge to join another player in the process of working out a puzzle. These exchanges can bond you to a total stranger. The challenges, fun, and frustrations of the puzzle may also help you learn a thing or two from your companion on different ways of solving the puzzle.

Every Sudoku lover has personalized ways of solving puzzles. Combining other players’ techniques with yours can give you strategies for overcoming the stuck moments. You can apply these teamwork techniques at your workplace when you’re stuck with a task. Difficulties can be easily conquered if more people work on them.

  1. Determination, Patience, And Perseverance

Life has many messy problems that can threaten to choke you. Some challenges have solutions, while others appear to lack solutions. When you play Sudoku on your morning paper, you’ll view challenges differently. The thought that every puzzle has a resolution that can motivate you to persevere in finding solutions to life problems.

Knowing that a solution is available for every problem can motivate you to keep on working. It’s frustrating to go through stuck points, but you get new insights into tackling the problems as you continue to solve the puzzle. Through manufactured Sudoku challenges, you can increase your determination and stretch your perseverance muscles. To have a successful day, you need to be patient and determined to tackle the day’s tasks because they’re the necessary steps that you need to walk on to be successful.


  1. Innovation

Scientific experts and psychologists all agree that the morning hours are the best for doing any creative task. You can easily invent something when your brain is fresh. Some tasks at work may need innovative strategies for them to work out. Starting your day with a Sudoku puzzle can make you more creative.

The challenges presented in the puzzle require creativity to be solved. Solving the puzzle can make you feel fabulous, especially if you’re stuck. If you discovered a new approach, the feeling might even be more exhilarating. If you carry these skills to your work or duties, finding solutions to tasks will be easy. Besides that, puzzle-solving may teach you that some of your tried techniques may not work all the time.

Apart from that, puzzle-solving may also teach you to take a break when a problem seems insurmountable. Sometimes, the challenges you face don’t require your skills and experience level. Maybe it requires you to learn new techniques. Having this fact in mind can help you set aside your preconceived ideas of doing things and finding new insights and perspectives to combat a problem.

  1. Coping With  Mistakes

Mistakes can make you feel incapable, careless, and foolish. If you make a mistake in the morning, you might end up messing your entire day. However, if you start your morning with a Sudoku puzzle, you’ll learn how to cope with your mistakes. Repeating a number in a row or column will give you a flash of anger and jolts of frustration. You may even utter expletives to criticize and condemn how you’ve wasted time.

But to be more successful, you need more mistakes. The more mistakes, the more lessons you learn. So every time you whip out a blank sheet of paper to start recreating the puzzle again, don’t be discouraged. Accept that you’ve made a mistake and move on. That way, you’ll improve yourself and cope with them.

Bottom Line

Taking ten or twenty minutes every morning to solve a Sudoku puzzle can positively impact your day. You need to be positive, humble, patient, and innovative to meet the day’s challenges. Learning how to cope with your mistakes and connecting with friends and strangers can also contribute to your success.