Hiyatek HY-CF-6322 Foldable Notebook Cooler Review

Installation & Testing
Getting your laptop setup on the HY-CF-6322 is actually pretty simple. Just unfold the cooler and open the bottom legs up. Then take the USB cable out. After you have done that place your laptop on the cooler and plug in the USB cable and you are good to go. If you choose to use the cooling knobs they are easy to install as well, they just screw into the top of the cooler.

Hiyatek HY-CF-6322 Foldable Notebook Cooler Hiyatek HY-CF-6322 Foldable Notebook Cooler

I used my Dell XPS M1210 for testing. I tested the cooler using both the knobs and setting the laptop directly on the cooler. I set the fans in the laptop to high speed so there were no variables. I used Prime 95 to put a full load on the CPU. Here are the results from those tests.

As you can see the cooler did its job in keeping our laptop a little cooler, but only a maximum of 6 degrees during load and 4 degrees during idle.

Final Thoughts
The HY-CF-6322 is a very interesting product. It is the first time that I’ve seen a foldable laptop cooler. The fact that it is foldable makes it easier to take with you places. I also like that there are holding spots for both the USB cable and the cooling knobs. They means you don’t have the USB cable hanging out of the cooler when you are traveling and you won’t lose the cooling knobs.

As far as cooling goes the 2 60mm fans do a pretty good job, but compared to other laptop coolers that we have looked at recently they really do not compare. I really would have liked to see some better cooling results.

All in all the HY-CF-6322 is a very neat little accessory to have for your notebook. No word yet on how much the cooler will cost and I haven’t been able to find it for sale anywhere online. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Hiyatek HY-CF-6322 Foldable Notebook Cooler a 7 out of 10 score.

– It’s foldable
– USB cable has a storage area
– The cooling knobs are unique

– Better cooling available from other coolers
– Availability

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