How Can You Be the Next Master Royale in Clash Royale Game

Clash Royale has already won the hearts of strategy game lovers. But sustaining a position among other pro players requires lots of skill and resources. However, focusing on the gamer’s requirement here we’ll discuss key tips to become Master of The Clash Royale.

Initially when the game was firstly launched by the developers. The game was unsuccessful in gaining position among players. Nonetheless, with time, developers made key improvements inside. Due to these key upgrades, players can now enjoy smooth gameplay.

Yet the majority of pro resources including powerful weapons are added inside the premium store. This means with limited resources, surviving inside a battle is not that easy, but when you have Master Royale Apk, it becomes a piece of cake.

What is Master of The Clash Royale

Master of The Clash Royale means mastering the gameplay showing pro strategy skills. Though the majority of game players avoid participating inside the battleground. Because with limited sources newbies can’t survive.

When the gameplay was firstly launched for Android users. The margin of pro players was considered minimum and the competition was too low. However, now the situation has changed and the margin of pro players inside gameplay increased marginally.

This means fighting against such pro players means on-spot defeat. Though different techniques are available that assist the players inside the field. But most of the players are unfamiliar with the mentioned tricks.

Don’t worry about those tricks because here we gonna mention some of the best techniques. Those will help out the players in fighting against master players. Although plenty of different pro skins, powerful weapons, and spells are reachable.

But as we speak earlier that those items are categorized in the premium stores. Unless the players are interested and willing to invest real money. Those powerful items are unapproachable to access online for free.

According to an online estimation, the cost for unlocking those powerful items may cost hundreds of dollars. Which are considered more expensive than expected. Apart from these powerful spells and weapons, playing skills are considered most judgmental.

Because without having a good strategical plan, players can’t destroy the king. Because the final strike over the king will determine the winner. So you’re ready to learn about those key tips and tricks to call yourself Master of The Clash Royale then read provided techniques carefully.

Tips To Become Master Clash Royale

Strategical Balanced Deployment of Troops

In major cases, players with low skills mostly choose a one-sided army. However, this one-sided selection will not be going to help the fans inside the field. Because selecting a single genre army will only offer a single type of damage.

Nonetheless, those who are good at calculation and select plus deploy balanced troops inside the battlefield. Will earn good results and chances of win will ultimately increase. Remember before selecting the troops, first learn about their good and weak points.

In the start, try to select and deploy those troops which are perfect for hitting buildings. Because direct hitting the building will push the opposing army to another side. This will work as divergent and low hp troops are guided to strike other ends.

Identify Weak Spots

Never attack randomly because random selection will end up in big disasters. Those who attack without calculating damages may never be able to plant a good strategy. Once you are able to know about the damage and range of troops.

It will make the process of attack easier and may allow destroying king tower instantly. Remember to try to choose long-range troopers first. Once you are successful in selecting troops like Musketeers. Now place a large tank in front to avoid damages.

Though tanks are good at firing regular bombs over towers. Once you are able to weaken the Arena Towers then you can attack king tower easily. Remember the Musketeers are good in terms of firing long-range fires.

Pekka and Mini Pekka

The two mentioned characters are considered to be the most powerful when it comes to damage and HP. The Pekka is so powerful that it can easily destroy a tower in a few strikes. But the actual problem that causes big trouble is slow motion.

Though experts believe Pekka is good for striking the enemy. But inside gameplay, Pekka is majorly used to avoid big strikes. Even the particular hero is used to destroy army towers instantly. Yet, the mini Pekka is the best for divergence.

The selection and deployment of Pekka will be a judgmental point. When the opponent player deploys a hog. Then Pekka is considered the best counter. Just drop the Pekka near bridge and easily destroy the hog without losing any health.

Never Attack King Tower

Most of the gamers are new and got no idea about the gameplay. Mostly hit the king at first and think of destroying the King will offer an instant win. But in reality, destroying king requires around 20 regular hits.

Instead of wasting regular power over King Tower, the experts recommend the gamers to first attack arena towers. Once you are successful in destroying the arena tower. Later gather your all troops and direct them to the king tower.


Although we never guarantee a true win implementing mentioned Tricks. But what we can assure the gamers is they can easily eliminate opposition troops and towers with fewer resources. If you are willing to be remembered as Master of The Clash Royale, then learn about provided tips quickly.