How data rooms can improve the security of your assets

In the past, data rooms were physical rooms within corporate premises. This is now an outdated idea, and thanks to virtual data room providers such as Firmex, a company can handle all its data needs virtually. Besides the convenience that comes with such servers, there are a host of other benefits. One of the most important ones is security. For context, here is how data rooms can improve the security of your assets.

  1. You can use remote shred

One of the best features you can use to protect your assets when using a virtual server is remote shred. This feature allows you to control access to a file during and after the download process. It is the most sensitive step, one when data is most likely to be compromised. The working mechanism is pretty straightforward. After the document has been downloaded, the virtual server can cancel the right of access, even though the document has been downloaded. This is important, especially when vital information about your assets can be accessed from a server’s download. It’s a feature that makes the use of virtual servers worthwhile.

  1. Dynamically managed watermarks

This is another feature that helps protect your assets on a virtual server and is pretty reliable.  With this feature, you can add watermarks to any document when it is downloaded, viewed or printed. You can even add custom features to your documents such that the watermark indicates personal details such as your name, time of access, and even your IP address. This is a handy feature, especially for documents that contain valuable information on intellectual property, and other digital assets.

  1. Granular access

Granular permission is a top feature that comes with virtual servers. It works by allowing the assets’ owner to specify policies on what it takes to access a folder or a file in a data room. Some of the rights and policies you can create are downloading, printing, original docs editing, uploading, and printing.  Essentially, you are always sure that only you or the people you authorize can access your digital assets or the rights to your physical assets. It is one reason why virtual servers have taken over from physical servers, by offering a mix of security and convenience.

  1. Spreadsheet viewing features

One of the most important security features of a virtual server is that they allow you to view and also analyse excel files online; securely. It works by automatically decrypting while setting watermarks on any documents that you feel could be compromised.  It is a useful feature, especially when dealing with sensitive financial information that you believe could be compromised and affect your business’s running.

With all the above features, it is quite clear that data rooms can significantly improve your assets’ security. The best part is that internet security is getting better with time. This means the server security you will be getting this year will be much better than what you got last year,  or the year before.