How Online Slot Games Will Evolve In 2020 And Beyond

It’s no secret that slot machines are the most popular casino games in online casinos. Millions of people around the world love spinning the reels of their favourite slot machine games from the comfort of their home.

Since the day they were invented, online slots have never stopped evolving. The whole online slots industry is in a state of constant development thanks to new tech trends. In this article, we’ll take a look at how online slot games are evolving in the near future.

Virtual Reality slot machines

Virtual Reality (VR) is going to have a massive impact on various sectors across the globe, and the online gambling industry is no exception to it. In fact, the effect of VR is already visible as some VR games have been released and well-received.

A VR slot game requires a VR device, which has a screen inside it that projects images into your eyes, giving you the feeling that it’s real. You can also connect a hand-held apparatus to a VR device in order to control your movements in the game. In the coming years, we can expect VR casino games to become more accessible to casual players.

More gamification

Competitiveness is a characteristic that all online games share. They serve as the prime platform where players from all around the world can participate in the games and show their skills. Due to this, many online slot sites introduced leaderboards and tournaments. This has motivated players to get better at the games so that they can earn more rewards and keep their skill level high. Besides this, slot developers have started introducing different levels that give players a sense of achievement. And this will only continue to increase in the near future.

Going mobile

Today, it has become essential for a business to have an app in order to thrive in the market. Customer engagement is one of the major reasons why apps made such an impact. The online casino industry also recognized the need for having an app and slot games changed accordingly. Mobile-friendly slot websites were developed so that players could enjoy their favourite slot games anywhere, anytime. Most developers nowadays even take the mobile-first approach to develop slots as apps are where the real growth is coming in.

Bonusing solutions

Another thing we can expect in the evolution of online slot games in the coming years is bonusing solutions. This is a feature where players have the option to choose their own bonuses instead of relying on the slot machines to give away bonus rounds.

This has been employed in various slot machines in recent times. For instance, in a typical classic slot machine design, players get a certain number of free spins if they manage to land the scatter symbol at least three times on the grid. This trend is likely to continue and increase among slot developers in the coming years. They will provide a choice for players, which will have an influence on the odds and the gameplay.