How to Break into the Technology Sector

If you want to take your pick of job opportunities, you shouldn’t overlook a career in technology. The sector currently provides many vacancies, which organizations are struggling to fill due to a shortage of talent.

It could, therefore, be the perfect career avenue for those who want to enjoy greater job security and a rewarding salary. If this sounds like an ideal path for you, find out how to break into the technology sector.

Find an Entry-Level Position

If you have limited tech skills and qualifications, attempt to find an entry-level position at a company to grow your knowledge and experience. It will provide a foot in the door and you could learn essential skills on-the-job from qualified experts.

Common entry-level tech careers can include:

  • Help desk technician
  • Trainee IT support
  • PC technician
  • Database administrator

If you have a passion for technology and are willing to learn new skills, you could quickly climb the ladder in the sector.

Take a Course

There are a variety of courses that could help you to secure a career at a thriving tech company. For example, if you already have a firm understanding of networking, storage, and compute application support, you should consider embarking on training to prepare for Azure certification. For example, you can choose from courses that will help you to master the fundamentals of Azure or to learn about specialty topics, such as Cosmos DB and Serverless.

Create an Impressive Online Portfolio

Prove to a prospective employer that you’re a knowledgeable, passionate candidate by creating an impressive online portfolio. For example, if you want to secure a role as a front-end web developer, you must take the time to build one or two visually appealing, easy-to-use websites, which should offer a fast page speed and optimized content. It could convince a potential employer to make you a job offer, which could be the first step towards a rewarding career in the industry.

Start Networking with Tech Professionals

It might surprise you to learn that many companies often fail to advertise vacancies. If you would like to gain access to the various hidden positions available near you, you need to master the art of networking.

Start connecting with professionals on the likes of LinkedIn, which is full to the brim with seasoned experts from different backgrounds. Aim to form relationships by commenting on their posts or sending direct messages to ask for advice or share a helpful article that’s relevant to their needs.

In addition to developing a presence on the social network, it might also help to attend tech-based events near you. It will allow you to mix with like-minded and experienced people from a tech field, who could provide advice on breaking into the industry, and they could even offer you a job at their growing company.

If you want to break into the technology industry as soon as possible, bear the above helpful advice in mind when attempting to grow your skills and build relationships.