How to Master Ingress Spoofing on your iPhone Without Any Hassle?

If you are a regular player of Ingress Prime, then your gameplay is about to get better!

Although the game was released in 2013, it got a major revamp in 2018 and was rebranded as “Ingress Prime”. The game has now become popular globally due to its interesting storyline and exciting missions that players need to complete. Though, there are times when we wish to spoof Ingress GPS location to play it remotely. In this post, I will explain how to spoof your location on Ingress Prime easily.

What’s the need for spoofing our location on Ingress Prime?

As you know, Ingress Prime is a location-based augmented reality game that encourages us to step out and find different portals. There are also team activities that we need to complete to support our faction. Though, it is not feasible to go out and travel so much to find Ingress Prime portals. Therefore, you can just spoof Ingress GPS location and complete all these tasks from the comfort of your home.

While doing so, just make sure you consider the cooldown duration in mind and spoof your location tactfully. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of a location spoofer without getting your account banned.

How to Spoof Ingress GPS Location on iPhone?

While Android users can just try a location spoofer app from the Play Store, iPhone users often find it hard to do the same. Don’t worry – you can easily spoof your iPhone location and play Ingress Prime remotely using dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). The application is a part of the dr.fone toolkit and lets us teleport our iPhone location to anywhere we want. Using it, you can also simulate your iPhone movement so that the app won’t be able to detect this spoofing hack.

  • It is extremely secure to use dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) as it won’t harm your phone or get your Ingress Prime account banned.
  • You can look for a location by entering its coordinates, address, or the name of a city/country/landmark.
  • The interface will display a map that you can move around and zoom in/out so that you can spoof your location to any specific place.
  • Besides that, there is a provision to create a route with different spots and cover it at a preferred speed.
  • The interface is extremely user-friendly and also features a GPS joystick to move realistically. There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone to spoof Ingress GPS location using dr.fone as well.

To learn how to spoof Ingress GPS location using dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS), the following steps can be taken.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone

At first, just connect your iPhone to the computer, and launch dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) on it. You would have to agree to the terms of services and click on the “Get Started” button subsequently.

virtual location 01

Step 2: Activate its teleport mode

Once your device gets detected by the application, it will automatically display its current location. Now, you can access different modes from the top-right corner of the screen – one stop mode, multi stop mode, and teleport mode.

virtual location 03

Just click on the “Teleport Mode” icon and enter the location’s name or address in the search bar. There is also a provision to search for a location by entering its exact coordinates.

virtual location 04

Step 3: Spoof your iPhone location

After loading the entered location details, the map will automatically change. You can now zoom in/out the map and move the pin around to further adjust the target location. If you are satisfied then just click on the “Move Here” button to spoof your iPhone location.

virtual location 05

That’s it! This will automatically change your iPhone location and you can later open Ingress Prime or any other GPS app to verify the changed location.

virtual location 07

Bonus: Simulate your iPhone movement

Apart from spoofing your iPhone location, you can also simulate its movement with the one-stop or multi-stop mode. It will further activate a GPS joystick that we can use to move in any direction realistically.

virtual location 15

I hope that this guide will help you spoof Ingress GPS location without any trouble. Just be sure that you consider the cooldown duration in mind and don’t overuse the tool multiple times a day. This will help you spoof your location without getting detected by Niantic. To further avoid a ban, you can also simulate your iPhone movement using the GPS joystick of the tool. Go ahead and try this Ingress Prime hack to spoof your location and share this guide with other gamers as well!