How to Recover Data from Hard Drive on Windows and Mac?

A hard drive is a medium to save your important files. There is always an internal hard drive on your computer. At the same time, you can also use an external hard drive to increase your computer storage and save your backup files & important data.

However, you may lose files on the hard drives due to some unexpected reasons like mistaken deletion, hard drive failure, hard drive formatting, etc. If so, you can use free data recovery software to recover data from hard drives.

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MiniTool Hard Drive Recovery Software

MiniTool Software has hard drive recovery software for recovering data from both internal and external hard drives:

  • If you are a Windows user, you can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to get your data back from your hard drive.
  • If you are a Mac user, you can use Stellar Data Recovery for Mac to perform Mac hard drive recovery.

You can get the trial editions of these two programs from the MiniTool download center.

Recover Data from Hard Drive on Windows

This PC and Hard Disk Drive are two data recovery modules in MiniTool Power Data Recovery. They can be used to retrieve lost and deleted files from internal and external hard drives. Besides, these two recovery modules can show the lost partition and unallocated space on the hard drive. That is, they can recover data from lost partition and unallocated space.

However, these two data recovery modules focus on different situations.

This PC Module

This PC shows all the partitions on the hard drive of your computer. It doesn’t show the entire drive. Thus, it is suitable to recover data from a certain partition as long as you haven’t repartitioned the hard drive. Besides, if you only want to recover data from a certain folder on the hard drive, you can use the Select Folder feature and then select the target folder to scan, find, and recover your needed data.


Hard Disk Drive Module

Hard Disk Drive doesn’t show you the partitions on the disk. It just displays the entire disk under the Hard Disk section. If you have repartitioned the hard drive after you miss your files, you can use this recover module to rescue your needed files.


To restore data from your hard drive using these two data recovery modules, you need to:

  1. If you want to perform external hard drive recovery, you need first connect the drive to your computer via a USB cable. If you just need to recover data from your computer internal hard drive, you can directly open the software.
  2. Select the data recovery module you need to use.
  3. Select the target partition or drive to scan.
  4. Find your needed files from the scan results.
  5. Select your needed files and recover them to a suitable location. Here, you should know that the data storage location should not be the original location. Otherwise, the lost and deleted files can be overwritten and become unrecoverable.

Recover Data from Hard Drive on Mac

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is designed for macOS. If you want to recover data from an internal or external hard drive on your Mac computer, you can choose this software.

Unlike the above Windows data recovery software, this software is not designed with multiple data recovery modules. After opening this software, you can find that this software directly asks you to select the data types you want to recover.


On the next interface, you can select the target drive to scan. If you want to perform a deep scan, you can turn on the button for Deep Scan on this interface.


When the scanning process ends, you can find and select your needed files to recover. Likewise, you should not save these selected files to the original location.

Hard Drive Recovery Cost and Return

You may note that both of these two data recovery programs’ trial editions only support hard drive scanning. They don’t support recovering data. You need to use a full edition of each program to recover your needed files.

Reading here, you will ask: how much does it cost to recover data with professional data recovery software? What kind of data recovery service can you get after you pay for it? Here, we take MiniTool hard drive recovery software for example.

Hard Drive Recovery Price

Usually, a professional file recovery tool can solve most hard drive data loss issues and it will not cost you so much time and money. MiniTool software is not an exception.

For a personal user, the total cost can be controlled within $100:

  • If you are a Windows user, you can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal Ultimate Edition, which costs you $99.
  • If you are a Mac user, you can choose Stellar Data Recovery for Mac Professional Edition, which also costs you $99.

After updating your data recovery software to a full edition, you can even use the snap-in WinPE Bootable Builder to create a bootable software edition and then use it to recover hard drive data on an unbootable computer.

Hard Drive Recovery Service You Can Get

If you are using MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal Ultimate Edition, you can use the license key on 3 computers. Besides, you can enjoy a lifetime free upgrade service. That is, when a new version is released, you can update the software to the latest version without paying any cent.

Although Stellar Data Recovery for Mac Professional Edition only allows you to use the software on 1 Mac computer, it also offers you a lifetime free upgrade service.

If you encounter issues when using these two programs, you can feel free to contact MiniTool support for help. You can send an email to and they will reply to you as soon as possible.