Huawei To Enter the GPU Market?

It looks like the GPU market might get even more crowded this year. We of course already have NVIDIA and AMD and Intel will be entering the market soon. A new report by Korean news outlet The Elec says that Huawei could be the entering the GPU market in 2020. Now do not expect to see Huawei gaming graphics cards, they are going after the GPU server market, which is mainly dominated by NVIDIA. Huawei Korea has assigned the new Cloud and AI Business Group division to this project and there are already rumors of current and former NVIDIA staff being poached.

huawei gpu

Huawei is not a newcomer to the server market as they released their Ascend 910 AI accelerator in August 2019, which actually outperforms NVIDIA’s Tesla V100 by a factor of two. Also just in January Huawei launched their next server product the Kunpeng 920, which is a big data CPU. Considering the resources and experience Huawei has in the server market they could be a major player.

If this venture goes well for them we could see Huawei gaming graphics cards down the line.

Via The Elec

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