Ikonik Zaria A10 Series Mid Tower Case Review


[ad#content_main]So what about the Ikonik Zaria A10? I like its clean lines and conservative looks. The chrome trim adds a little extra to the overall look, preventing it from being plain. Both side panels are well vented but without windows. To be honest I have grown tired of side windows and appreciate clean modder’s mesh venting. The venting is beautifully done, the mesh is raised above the panel surface, and stealthing couldn’t be better.

If the window fan would be missed, Ikonik has solved that by added an opening on the case floor for an optional 120mm fan.

As with the Ra X10, the I/O panel is built into the case top, a look I really like. Of course this case is better placed on the floor than the desktop, but I haven’t been able to place my rig on the desk in quite some time. The included magnetized dust cover is very functional and appreciated.

Fit and finish is excellent. The tool free devices work very well, the expansion bracket lock works better than any other I’ve seen. Ikonik has paid special attention to noise management too, with rubber isolation for optical drives, power supply, and hard drives, along with spring loaded devices to keep the side panels from vibrating.

The design of the case is very conducive to cable management, better than most mids I’ve owned. There is plenty of room behind the drive bays to stow cables, and openings to make it easier to run wires behind the motherboard. The case header wires are also long enough to make it easier to hide them, something that drives me crazy are case header wires just long enough to be stretched to the mobo connectors. Also, the intake and exhaust fans are connected, allowing for just one chassis fan wire to be connected to the motherboard. This wire is also plenty long enough to be hidden.

The Ikonik Zaria A10 sells for $95 at my favorite online retailer. Steel midtowers without PSU run from $35 to $140 or so. With the quality and features found in the Zaria A10 compared to the others on the market, it is priced about right. ThinkComputers gives the Ikonik Zaria A10 a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small


– Well built, excellent fit and finish
– Mesh stealthing and I/O panel design along with bezel design give a clean look
– Tool free devices actually work
– Conducive to cable management


– None