In Win 915 Chassis Review

Lights & More!
When you first turn your system on you’ll notice a few things. The first is that the top section of the case will lift up automatically! It is actually quite cool and this is definitely the first case we’ve seen with a motorized top panel for ventilation. You can use the button on the top of the case to open or close the top ventilation manually. Once you power your system off the ventilation cover will close automatically, this will help keep dust out of the system when it is not in use. If you happen to have fans that have lights on them installed up top they will show quite nicely too!

In Win 915 In Win 915

The second thing you are going to notice is the LED strip at the front of the case light up. This is an addressable RGB section, which you can connect to your motherboard’s 3-pin addressable RGB header, or you can set the effects yourself by long pressing the same button that opens and closes the top of the case. You can switch between red, green, blue, and white colors and there are a few different modes as well as the very popular “multicolor” mode, which is the rainbow we all know.

In Win 915

Besides the front section of the case there are no other lights or RGB strips included with this case. I would definitely suggest RGB fans as well as a couple RGB strips. In our case we had a handful of RGB fans and our motherboard and memory has RGB lighting so you could see things pretty well inside our build.

In Win 915 In Win 915 In Win 915

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