In Win 915 Chassis Review

Final Thoughts
In Win has always been a company that makes unique cases and the 915 is no different. It has a very unique design with its curved front and back panels. These panels are actually aluminum, not steel, which shows you the quality of the 915 as well. There are three tempered glass panels on this case (2 side, 1 top) and the most interesting one has to be the top panel. Not only will it show off fans or RGB strips that you have installed up there, but it is motorized! It will automatically open up when you power your system on for proper ventilation. You can open it close it with a button on the top of the case as well. This is a feature that we’ve never seen before on a case and one that is definitely badass!

Being that this is such a large case you have lots of room inside for hardware. You can fit motherboards up to E-ATX, the longest graphics cards, 12 hard drives, two 360 mm radiators (1 front, 1 top), and long power supplies. You can even adjust the bottom of the case to fit even longer power supplies if needed.

Being that you have so much space inside installation is pretty easy. Also all of the panels can be removed from the case so they are out of the way during installation. This includes the large front and back doors as well as the top panel. For the top and front of the case there are removable fan / radiator mounts which allow you to install your fans / radiators outside of the case. Also the SSD mounts and hard drive trays are removable too.

While there is a ton to like about this case it does have a few drawbacks. First it comes with absolutely no fans, so you’ll need to get at least a handful of fans for your build. Secondly if you do plan on installing fans on the front of the case the airflow is not the best, the only real ventilation comes from the bottom of the case. Finally this case is not cheap by any means, it is currently selling for $450 at our favorite online retailer.

With all of that said I still think this is a pretty awesome case that is truly unique. Overall ThinkComputers gives the In Win 915 a 9 out of 10 score.

– Unique design
– Automatic motorized top panel
– 3 tempered glass panels
– Aluminum front and back panels
– Can fit E-ATX motherboards, long GPUs, and 12 hard drives inside
– Lots of room for cooling
– USB-C on the front of the case

– Price
– No real ventilation at the front of the case
– No fans included

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