In Win 915 Chassis Review

In Win is one of the few brands left that are really known for over-the-top PC chassis designs. We wait each year for Computex where they reveal one of these, but the chassis we are taking a look at today was actually shown at CES first. This case is definitely in a league of its own as it is MASSIVE with support for E-ATX motherboards, long graphics cards, and plenty of watercooling. On top of that it is we have three tempered glass panels (both side panels and the top), but the top actually has a surprise as it rises up to provided proper cooling for the case. The front and back panels of the chassis are made of 3mm-thick anodized aluminium and are curved giving the case its unique shape. This could be the ultimate case for the ultimate build! Read on as we take a look!

Special thanks to In Win for providing us with the 915 Chassis to review.

The case comes in a very large box, like most In Win boxes it is pretty plain. The box just says 915 on one side and on the other it lists some of the main features of the case.

In Win 915 In Win 915

Opening the box up we find the case nicely protected and the bag of accessories is right on top. Inside you will find all of your mounting hardware, cable organizers, zip ties, and a paper with a QR code for the installation guide.

In Win 915

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