In Win A1 Plus Mini-ITX Case Review

Final Thoughts

When it comes to building a mini-ITX system there are going to be some sacrifices, and with any mini-ITX case we have some with the In Win A1 Plus. I do have to say though, the A1 Plus is definitely one of the best looking mini-ITX cases that I’ve ever had the chance to review. It is also quite small, which makes it perfect to display on your desk or fit in a small space. The addition of the Qi charge on top is great too, you’ll never have to worry about your phone not being charged.

I really like that In Win has designed this case to be on a stand. This will not only help with airflow, but also allows for the awesome RGB lighting at the bottom of the case. You are also going to get some RGB lighting from the two included fans. I really would have liked to have seen at least one intake fan included with the case. You really need that air coming in from the bottom of the case for proper airflow.

It is also great that In Win includes the 650W 80PLUS Gold power supply. This power supply comes pre-installed, which is nice, but installing everything else would have been easier without the power supply installed. Also the power supply only provides 3 SATA power connections and no molex. If you install two SSDs you’ll be down to a single SATA power connection. If you install the included RGB controller you’ll use that last SATA power connection. So if you wanted to add something else to your build that requires power you are sort of our of luck unless it comes with a daisy-chain connection.

One of my biggest issues with this case is that you really can’t reach the top screw hole to secure your motherboard. Even with the longest screwdriver I own I still could not reach it. I really think In Win should have provided a screwdriver for this. The case is designed with a cut-out to use a screwdriver, so they must assume people would need an extremely long screwdriver.

Like I said I really like this case, our system looks quite amazing once built, and they case is going to look sexy wherever you put it, but you have to keep in mind certain things like ease of installation, only 3 SATA power connections, and likely needing two more fans for proper airflow. Right now the A1 Plus is selling at our favorite online retailer for $199.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the In Win A1 Plus an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Probably the best looking Mini-ITX case out there
– Tempered glass window
– Qi charger
– 650W power supply included
– Two RGB fans plus RGB strip included
– Can fit dual-slot graphics cards up to 320 mm

– Hard to access top screw hole for the motherboard
– Only 3 SATA power connections provided by the power supply
– Really need two more fans for proper airflow

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