In Win A1 Plus Mini-ITX Case Review

I’ve always been a fan of mini-ITX cases. I just love the idea of building a system that small which can also be pretty powerful as well. When In Win first introduced the A1 I immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately I was not able to take a look at the original A1, but In Win has recently released the A1 Plus, which bring some minor upgrades with it. The A1 Plus has all of the right lines, RGB lighting, a 650W power supply, and even wireless charging for your mobile device! But can something this small actually work? Is the case arranged for good airflow and cable management? Read on as we find out!


a1plus specs


The In Win A1 Plus comes in your typical plain-jane case packaging. So you have a cardboard box that says A1 Plus on one side and has an outline of the case on the other.

In Win A1 Plus Mini-ITX Case In Win A1 Plus Mini-ITX Case

On the side you have a full list of specifications. Opening the box up the case inside is nicely protected by two large pieces of Styrofoam and a cloth bag.

In Win A1 Plus Mini-ITX Case In Win A1 Plus Mini-ITX Case

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